Guide to Selling

Premium Selling Strategies

Choosing the right approach or strategy for selling your property is essential. No single approach is ever adequate and the right combination of methods could maximize your final selling price.

Hoskins will always offer you the most effective combination of traditional and advanced methods to sell your home.


For Sale:

The traditional approach has worked for many years. You set an asking price and wait for offers or buyers.

If the price is too high, many potential buyers may be frightened away. Too low, and you could be throwing away money.

Auction: A true test of your properties value at a particular time. Buyers bidding against each other relies on multiple buyers being present. Badly timed, an auction could be a costly option adding unnecessary stress to everyone involved.


Set Sale® :

This unique approach has proven it can deliver maximum results and minimum stress. Buyers submit offers and compete for the property in advance of the sale. You can consider all offers and are free to negotiate without disclosing your reserve price.

Buyer Ranged® :

Unlike fixed price or price plus, a Buyer Enquiry Range® attracts a broader selection of potential buyers, promoting competition and higher prices. It is a more proactive method of attracting buyers who often pay much more than expected.


Premium Marketing

Your success is our success, so at Hoskins we have developed unique, cost effective marketing strategies to ensure outstanding results every time.

We know precisely where, and how, to cast our marketing net to attract not just one buyer, but every potential buyer in the market. Even one extra interested party could add 10% or more to your final price. We think it's worth the extra effort.


Each member of our dedicated sales team actively matches your property with prospective buyers in their database. Using simple data technology we can send photos and details to hundreds of prospects via email and SMS at virtually no cost to you. An accelerated sale is often the result.


Possibly the most powerful sales tool available, we assure maximum exposure for your property through our four specialist internet sites:


Experience and statistics show that stylish, targeted signage can build initial interest in a property leading to strong emotive sales results.


Old fashioned advertising works, whether in an extensive reach of local newspapers and magazines, online, or just with a significant shop-front presence.

Our offices on the Maroondah Highway and Springvale Road provide constant exposure to vast numbers of commuters and potential buyers every day.

Presentation Tips

Premium Presentation

Making the right impression is always important. It is worth considering these as to do lists before opening your home for public inspection.


- Consider the first impression. Make a positive statement using potted plants or furniture.
- Tidy up the garden and mow the lawn. Mulch garden beds and pull out any weeds.
- Plant some colourful flowering plants in pots or garden beds leading to the front door.
- Repair or fix those little things you've been meaning to get to like dripping taps or peeling
paint. - Clean windows inside and out.
- Trim back trees that might block the light in your rooms.
- Put good door-mats at all entrances to help keep your floor and carpets clean.
- Move your car well away from the house to give the impression of ample parking.


- Embrace the light. Let as much natural light in as you can. If a room is dark, turn the lights on for the inspection.
- Play some pleasant background music. Classical music creates a perception of value.
- Wash the dishes, sweep floors, and make the beds. You want your home to be an inviting environment.
- Empty the garbage bin.
- Place simple floral arrangements the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.
- Brew coffee or burn essential oils.
- Air the house to remove any stubborn odours (pets, smoking, cooking).
- In cooler months, warm your house. An open fireplace is always a big plus.
- Put away clothes and clutter in bedrooms.
- Spring clean the house and remove any dust and cobwebs.
- Remove as much clutter from the house as you can. It may be worth using a friend's garage or hiring a storage space short term.