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For anyone thinking about selling their property, the biggest question always deals with the WHEN. When is the right time to sell? Of course sometimes you don’t have much choice. Circumstances require you to move because of a job transfer and the sooner you can get your home on the market the better.

But for many of us, there is a choice. We want to sell but we want to sell for the best price.

So when should you put your property on the market? Many people believe the best time to sell is in the warmer months. Many people think that their garden will be pretty & colourful in September so let’s wait till then.

But wait a minute and think about that. Do people buy real estate in winter? Of course they do. And if you are trying to sell your house or land and there are dozens of others with the same idea, you have greater competition. Greater competition could mean longer sell times and/or lower prices just because there is more choice.

There are fewer houses on the market in the colder months and yet there are still buyers keen to purchase. Put your house in the hands of Hoskins Real Estate now, in the winter months, and you will stand out from the crowd.

There are so many cheerful and warming ways you can make your property attractive in July and August. The experienced team at Hoskins can advise you on plenty of these ways. And while the others are waiting for the warmer weather, nip in ahead of them and reap the reward.