Keeping you informed by John Hoskins & Brent Peters


Real estate has its highs and lows. Right now it’s on a high and is very buoyant. Demand is up and prices are excellent, often well above expectations. Interest rates are at an all time low so buyers are willing to borrow that bit more.

Prices have been rising steadily in the last twelve months and the forecast remains positive. Vendors take note: you could get a seriously impressive price for your property by entering the market right now.

Where are you located or looking?

The cities of Manningham, Maroondah and Whitehorse cover a wide range of suburbs. There are conventional sized properties, small, large and extra-large properties. Demand is strong across the board. So whether you are in Ringwood or Wonga Park, Mitcham or Park Orchards, or Croydon or Donvale, we have buyers waiting for good properties.

Personal attention

Of course all real estate companies claim to offer personal attention but Hoskins Real Estate goes further. They tailor every sale to the best marketing plan and the ideal method of sale for that property. There is no one size fits all. What works really well with one property is not necessarily the best way to sell another property. You can be assured of their personal attention.

 So successful has Hoskins Real Estate been in recent months - so strong has been their success rate - that more properties are urgently needed.

Added to their integrity and outstanding reputation, Hoskins has been selling properties of all types and sizes in the area for some fifty years. So, whether you are selling soon, or just want an update on price, speak to Hoskins...the Premium Property People.