Keeping you informed by John Hoskins & Brent Peters


With the long drawn out election now over and spring on the horizon, we are predicting a very busy August and September, as Vendors look to beat the spring rush and take advantage of lower stock levels.

It is important to understand that in any market there are two key drivers that can affect your results - supply and demand. Whilst demand from buyers has remained strong throughout the year, there is a growing awareness than an ongoing shortage of new listings is having a positive impact on the reults that Vendors are achieving. Results that would have otherwise been unlikely if property volumes were at normal levels.

Buyer demand is still high for homes that present well and offer a location that provides the key fundamentals.

Hoskins have been consistently achieving exceptional results this winter and even though less homes are currently available, our list of qualified registered buyers is extensive.

The Hoskins team works exceptionally hard to identify exactly what our buyers are searching for, which usually means more inspections and competition for our listed properties.

John Hoskins and Brent Peters

Hoskins Real Estate Co-directors